•  Commercial gas amounts has changed due to Baltic Pipe

    Sep 30, 2023

    kWh from North Sea has changed.

    The total commercial amount of gas from the North Sea (Norwegien part) to the Danish gas system.

    New column: kWh from Tyra

    The total amount of commercial gas from Tyra (Danish part of the North Sea) to the Danish Gas System.

  •  Production and consumption, settlement - Unknown production added

    Oct 05, 2023

    A new column 'Unknown production' has been added to production consumption settlement. Unknown production is measured production, where information about technology is missing, or where the link from Datahub to the structural data for some reason is broken. If values are high, Energinet will update data historically when possible.

  •  The API is changing - action is required from current users

    Jul 01, 2022

    We are upgrading Energi Data Service, and the API is being changed.

    Impact for current API users

    You need to change the method you use for retrieving data. The datastore_search_sql method will no longer be available and the datastore_search method is changed.

    GraphQL will for now not be available in the new API.

    The current API's will be available until September 1st 2022, to give time to change the clients currently using the API's.

    Example of how to use the new method: https:...