Simple guides

You can download data in different data formats via Energi Data Service. Below you will find guides for finding datasets, creating filters and downloading data. If you want to download large amounts of data or combine data across data sets, use API.

In our data catalog you can find a complete list with descriptions of all data sets on the Energi Data Service.

If you would like a print-friendly version of the instructions below, click here.

Find dataset

  1. Click ‘Datasets’ at the top of the page. You can also use the search box if you already know the name of the data set, you are looking for. Forside EN

  2. Here you find all datasets at Energi Data Service. You can view specific groups of datasets by using the filter options on the left side. It is possible to filter by organization, data group or tags. Click on the desired dataset. dataset list, EN

  3. Here you find description and information about the selected dataset. At the bottom of the page it is possible to participate in the debate about the dataset or ask questions. Click ‘Preview’ to view data. dataset, EN

  4. View data, make filters, download data, view metadata for each data column and find information about API. See below for filtering and download guides. preview, EN


  1. Click ’Filter’ and then ’Create’ opretfilter, EN

  2. First select A) which column should be filtered. It is possible to create filters on all columns in the dataset, though you can’t sort out columns. Then select B) if the result should be respectively equal to, not equal to, less than, more than, less than or equal to, more than or equal to the value, you enter in C). In this example ‘equal to’ is selected, marked with a green color. Since this filter is selected in a date column, you can click the calendar icon and choose the desired date. Finally click ‘Save’ and then the filter become active. filter, EN

  3. Create more filters by clicking ‘Create’ again, or delete the filter by clicking the small cross next to the filter. It is possible to edit the filter by clicking the pencil icon. NOTE! Clicking the grey/white cross in the upper right of the ‘Data Explorer Filters’ box, closes the box but the filters are still active. redigerfilter, EN

Download data

  1. Click ‘Download’ to view the options for downloading data. NOTE! Downloads are limited to 100.000 rows. The actual number of rows is displayed just under the dataset title. Attempts to download more than 100.000 rows will result in download of the top 100.000 rows only. Select desired file format from the list. It may take a moment to generate data. download, EN