Storage hourly nomination

The hourly nomination provides information about the total injection and withdrawal nomination on both firm and interruptible terms for the virtual storage.

  • Injection on firm terms
  • Injection on interruptible terms
  • Withdrawal on firm firms
  • Withdrawal on interruptible terms

Additional Info

Field Value

The data is updated on hourly basis, shortly after new nominations has been matched between the transmission and the storage system. The nominations of actual hour + 2 hours are closed, but remaining hours are subject to the storage customers' renomination.

The values listed are for informational purposes only and are not suited for settlement purposes. Though Gas Storage Denmark considers the numbers to be true, we cannot guarantee the accuracy.

The data is updated whenever there are new confirmed nomination during the gasday or the coming gasday. First publication are available the day before approx.

Update frequency PT1H
Resolution PT1H
Metadata language EN
Author Energinet
Version 4
Dataset created on July 1, 2019, 05:22 (UTC)
Alias storagenomination
Unique key (HourUTC)
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