CO2 Emission

The dataset is an updated near up-to-date history for the CO2 emission from electricity consumed in Denmark measured in g/KWh.

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Field Value

The values for DK1 and DK2 are the same, because both represent the total value of CO2 emissions in Denmark. Ongoing work will later give the correct individual values for the two price areas and the current value (for DK1 and DK2) will be shown under an extra column named DK. The calculations for the CO2 emissions are based on emissions from each power plant above 10MW and where all power plants below 10MW is regarded as one power plant. Furthermore, the calculations are based on production per hour, consumption per hour and exchange per hour. For further information please see the document (in Danish) “Deklarationer af EL”.

Please also note: - The resolution of the data is 5 minutes but the up-date frequency is a bit slower, which is 15 minutes. - To calculate the emission rate from CO2 the 125% method is used, which means that coproduced heat is produced by a given efficiency by 125%.

Update frequency PT1H
Resolution PT5M
Metadata language EN
Author Energinet
Version 3
Dataset created on February 1, 2018, 20:29 (UTC)
Alias co2emis
Unique key (Minutes5UTC,PriceArea)
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