Transmission Lines

Data on capacity, scheduled trade, actual exchange and congestion income.

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The TSOs decide how much capacity is to be transferred, and the capacity for the coming day is published at Nord Pool Spot every day before 10:00.

Scheduled trade on the transmission lines is the flow of electricity from areas of surplus to areas of deficit resulting from the Nord Pool Spots price calculation. The physical exchange is the actual measured exchange of electricity. Negative values indicate export of electricity out of the area to the connected area, and positive values indicate import.

Congestion rent is calculated as the difference in spot prices between the two price areas multiplied by the estimated exchange between the two areas concerned. The international connections to Norway and Sweden are completely at the disposal of NordPool Spot and in return the TSOs receive the congestion rent. In NORDEL (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland) the congestion rent is distributed according to a scale agreed upon. With regard to the KONTEK interconnection the congestion rent is paid to, Vattenfall Europe Transmission and Vattenfall AB (Vattenfall's trading company in Sweden) according to a scale agreed upon.

The interconnection between Western Denmark and Germany is at the disposal of the market at annual, monthly and daily auctions at which payment for utilization of the interconnection - and thereby the congestion rent - is calculated on the basis of demand and supply. The congestion rent is equally divided between and E.ON Netz.

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