Nordpool Market

Prices and turnover at the Nordpool spot market for electricity for DK1 (West Denmark) and DK2 (East Denmark)

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In NordPool Spot market players can buy and sell electricity for delivery the following day in their own area - Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark or Germany. The day-ahead prices indicate the balance between supply and demand. NordPool Elbas is the Nordic trading center for trading electricity up to one hour before delivery hour. At the Elspot market it may take up to 36 hours from a contract has changed hands until the actual delivery hour. During this time the consumption and production situation may easily have changed. Elbas makes it therefore easier for the market players to reach balance through trading.

Opdateringsfrekvens P1W
Opløsning One hour (PT1H) per area (DK1 or DK2)
Metadata sprog EN
Forfatter Energinet
Dato for oprettelse Januar 9, 2018, 06:14 (UTC)
Alias nordpoolmarket
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