Gas composition and quality for transmission, monthly

Gas quality data for the Danish transmission grid that is representative for gas delivered from the transmission grid. The data are validated but the data cannot be used for billing purposes. The basis of the dataset is hourly values and the maximal and minimal value is therefore respective the maximal and minimal hourly value.

Yderligere info

Felt Værdi

The values listed are for informational purposes only and are not suited for settlement purposes. Though Energinet consider the numbers to be true, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the values.

Opdateringsfrekvens P1M
Opløsning One month (P1M)
Metadata sprog EN
Forfatter Energinet
Version 2
Dato for oprettelse August 29, 2018, 12:15 (UTC)
Alias gascompositionmonthly
Unique key (Month,Qualityvalue)
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