Electricity Balance Non-Validated

Data represents the overall balance of consumption, production, import and export of electricity in an area.

Production is divided into main production types. Data is based on online power measurements for SCADA, and therefore with some delay.

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Felt Værdi

Gross consumption = sum of production + sum of exchange to connected areas. A positive exchange is import of electricity, while a negative is export.

The total production is the sum of all production types.

Opdateringsfrekvens PT1H
Opløsning One hour (PT1H) per area (DK1 or DK2)
Metadata sprog EN
Forfatter Energinet
Version 4
Dato for oprettelse Oktober 25, 2017, 11:40 (UTC)
Alias electricitybalancenonv
Unique key (HourUTC,PriceArea)
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