CO2 Emission Prognosis

This dataset provides an estimate for at least the next 9 hours for the CO2 emission from the estimated electricity consumption in Denmark per kWh

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The forecast are based on the production scedules for each power plant, combined with the CO2 emission per kWh per power plant. The forecast is updated with the updates of the production scedules during the day.

Please note that the values are based on a number of assumption. Depending on the time within the day an update may include estimates for more than 9 hours but every update will at least have 9 hours into the future (if needed more information can be found on Please also note that the resolution of the data is 5 minutes but the update frequency is a bit slower, viz. 15 minutes.

By co-generation, the fuels is divided on power and heat according the 125 % method, which means that heat is produced with a 125 % efficiency.

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Dato for oprettelse Februar 1, 2018, 20:29 (UTC)
Alias co2emisprog
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