Welcome to Energi Data Service

Energi Data Service is a free and open data portal. Here, anyone can get data about the Danish energy system such as CO2 emissions and consumption and production data.

Whether you are a consumer, entrepreneur, research scientist or business, Energi Data Service makes data available that allow you to broaden your understanding of the Danish energy system and develop new services to benefit society in general and the green transition.

Energi Data Service is developed and run by Energinet. Energinet owns the Danish electricity and gas grids and continuously develops these to incorporate more sustainable energy, maintain the security of supply and guarantee equal market access to the grids.

Terms and conditions of use

Read the Terms and conditions of use of data from Energi Data Service.

Data is provided free of charge, and with no guaranteed level of support.

When distributing or publishing the data, the following may be stated:
Source: Energinet (www.energidataservice.dk).

Energi Data Service makes it possible to:

  • Find the right data through search and Groups in the menu and by filtering functionalities. Metadata is available on each dataset page.
  • Retrieve data using API - Machine-to-machine exchange of data that makes it easy for you to use data in applications and services. If you want to know more about how to use the API and see some examples of use, these developer resources API guides might help you start writing your own code to fetch data.
  • Download data in xlsx, csv or json format from each dataset page.
  • Download data and metadata using Build Report – an easy way to build your own custom electricity data report.
  • Read news about the available data and subscribe to newsletters.

Links you might find useful:

Data catalog (da)
Data catalog (en)

On Data om Energi (da) you can find more information about energy data:

  • See energy data visualizations.
  • Read about documentation and declarations.
  • Find information about your possibilities as an electricity customer and how to get access to your own data through Eloverblik.


If you have questions regarding the available data or the usage of Energi Data Service please send an email to energidata@energinet.dk. If you have other questions to Energinet, please find contact information on Kontakt (da) or Contact (en).

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