aFRR, automatic Frequency Restoration Reserves, DK1

Automatic Frequency Restoration Reserves, amounts and prices in Western Denmark.

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aFRR, also called secondary reserve, is an automatic 15-minute power control. Previously it was called Load Frequency Control (LFC). The reserve is active over virtually the entire operat-ing day and fulfills three functions. It releases activated FCR, it deals with minor imbalances that are too small for regulating power activation, and it restores the agreed balance towards Germany. In addition, activation of aFRR differs from FCR in that it is not triggered directly by frequency fluctuations at the individual plants. It is activated through an automatic control signal sent from Energinet via the balance responsible party.

Today, all aFRR for DK1 is under normal circumstances delivered over Skagerrak 4. The current agreement with Norway on purchases of aFRR and FCR to West Denmark expire in 2019. For further info, please see "Introduktion til systemydelser" on

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